May 15, 2008

Hot and Cold at The Luggage Store

There are some real nice works up for the release of the newest Hot and Cold Zine at the Luggage Store Gallery here in SF. The zine is solid per usual. Stand outs for the show are works by Tucker Nichols, Jason Jagel and Paul Wackers. Especially the Wackers piece (pictured). (All three of these works are still available, inexplicably)


Thru June 14th, 2008

the luggage store
1007 market street
san francisco, ca 94103
tel. 1. 415. 255-5971

gallery hours: wednesday-saturday, 12-5pm

1 comment:

sketchypad said...

Yeah, that show is hella impressive. I think the 'zine (issue #2) is available for $30 at the gallery and needles & pens.