May 24, 2007

Street Level

I was in NC for a few days recently and stumbled on this really good group show called Street Level at the Nasher Museum of Art. It includes Mark Bradford, William Cordova, and Robin Rhode. It kinda reminded me of the infamous Street Market show from back it's relevance. They published a catalog that is pretty nice too...I'm trying to get it for the shop..

Their website is a little wonky...

Street Level

May 17, 2007

I wanted to take a second and thank the many people that have gone out of there way to help spread the word about Park Life and PMP. Someone asked me who we hired to get the press we have been getting and I said, "hired, huhh"??? I wouldn't even know who to contact regarding press. Anyways, it means a lot to us when we hear people saying nice things about what we are trying to do here on Clement St.

Here is a short list of our supporters. Please forgive us if we omit anyone and thanks again.

Paulson Press
Electric Works
Matt, Sarah, Adian, and Reyhan at the Chronicle
The Headlands
Darryl & Laurie
Alison Bing
Kim of Paper Mag
Design Crack
Andrew Schoultz
Ian Johnson
Shooting Gallery and White Walls
Andrew Painter
Daily Candy
Gregory Lind Gallery
Brendan Monroe
Evah Fan
Deth and Marci
Kelly Lynn Jones
Art Blog SF
Fecal Face
Juxtapoz Magazine
Art Fever
Yong Ki Chang of 3131 Clement and Equal Dist
Mesh Magazine
Noise Pop
Lucky Mag
San Francisco Magazine

May 8, 2007

Our friends Trillium Press now Electric Works is having an opening this week to celebrate their new space in San Francisco. Come out and support.

Opening Friday April 5th. 5:30 - 7:30pm

Electric Works
130 8th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
vox 415.626.5496
fax 415.626.2396

May 2, 2007