Jul 25, 2007

I had recently read about artist Martin Ramirez and his work in a book about outsider art. Of all the artists featured in that book, Ramirez's work really stood out for me.

A couple a days later, in the style section of the Chronicle there was a feature story about Ramirez. Here is the link. Fate I tell you. Read the story its pretty crazy, plus its topical with all the immigration issues in the news.

There is a exhibition of his work currently on view at the San Jose Museum of Art through early September. Jamie recently went and said it was amazing. I cant wait to go.


Our website has been up for a bit but we are constantly trying to make it better. The design is for lack of a better word basic but thats how we like it. No flash for us, that shit is annoying. Recently we made a couple of changes to the "Store" section of the site. The changes should make navigation a bit better. Plus we added a "New Items" category. For those that have short attention spans like myself.

In the next couple of days we will be launching our new Gallery page. Gone is the flash interface, now its all lovely html. Please send us any feedback. I want to make our site as headache free as possible.

More changes to come.


and Henry Fool rules. still no sign of our sign. (lament)

Jul 24, 2007

Someone borrowed our sandwich board sign last night. It doesn't like being away from home for too long so please bring it back soon.

Also, I did not like Henry Fool. Drivel.


Jul 15, 2007

Do you have a top 10 or top 5 list of favorite movies? Mine has changed over the years but one constant has been "Henry Fool". In my early twenties I went through my Parker Posey stage. I thought she was hot shit, and the good thing was my local video place had everything she was in. (i guess they thought she was hot shit too)

Henry Fool was directed by Hal Hartley, which almost made me not want to watch it. I've seen a couple of his other films and they were pretty mehhhh. Henry Fool was totally different, there was an actual plot and despite the intentional stage style over acting I loved it. It was funny, weird, quirky, peppered with snappy dialogue and the ending was great. In my opinion it was a great example of 90's independent cinema.

A week ago a friend mentioned there was a sequel to Henry Fool titled Faye Grim. Faye Grim was the name of the character Ms. Posey played. My friend also mentioned that the film has an espionage/spy angle. What? I was hoping she was misinformed but alas she wasn't.

The film is indeed a spy flick, but it does a good job of keeping the same strange mood set in Henry Fool. Im wont play spoiler so I'll leave the plot out. But here are some thoughts.

They cast the same actor that played Faye & Henry's child in the first movie. I thought this was a nice touch. In fact many of the same characters were in the sequel.

Parker Posey has aged but it still pretty hot. Elizabeth Huppert plays her signature, sex crazed bohemian chick role.

Im not a fan of Jeff Goldblum. Im not sure why.

They spent a ton more money on this film than the first. I noticed in the credits that Mark Cuban was an executive producer. That dude is a douche.

There is a noir-ish thing going on. I also realized this was in the first movie as well.

If you haven't seen the first movie, you will have no idea what it going on.

All in all it was nice to go back into that very strange world of Henry Fool. For the sequel the plot is pretty much a complete farce but maybe that was the point. If you watch this let me know what you think.