Oct 5, 2007

Real good group show at SF State Gallery

This one is not likely to be widely seen, but is well worth the trip.

Pacific Light

California Watercolor Refracted

September 22 to October 20, 2007
Department of Art
Fine Arts Gallery
SF State University


The show title is not a real good indication of the great work you'll see in the show..and their website is pretty worthless.

SOme of the artists
Robert Bechtle, Martin Ramirez, Alicia McCarthy, Barry Mcgee, Ruth Asawa, Chang Dai-chien, David Hockney, Julio Cesar Morales, Leslie Price, Wayne Thiebaud, Tucker Nichols, many more..

I tried to take pics but got reprimended.

Go See

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D to the A to the N said...

i went. it's a great show. a good friend of mine got a shot of the barry mcgee. maybe you've seen it?

i find it amazing that this show has so many heavy hitters, and is getting so little press. shoulda known parklife would come correct and spread the word.